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Making Tai Chi accessible to all is my passion, be it in the workplace or at home and in everyday living. I have been teaching for 21 years and am dedicated to sharing the benefits.

A requirement for courses is Membership of the Rising Dragon Tai Chi School. The membership fee is £12 per annum (£8 reduced rate) and is payable at the beginning of the first term. You will receive two newsletters a year, linking you into the school network and keeping you informed of Tai Chi events. There are residential courses for which there is a bursaries fund. Those of you who are ongoing students know of the benefits of being part of the larger 'family', connecting with others all over Britain. The day courses with Richard Farmer, founder of our School, and the residential weekends are lovely chances to dip deeper and make new Tai Chi friends.

Gentle exercise for the body, quietness for the mind and nourishment for the spirit This introduction to Tai Chi is suitable for any age group and ability. All you need is comfy clothing and soft soled shoes. Please reserve a place in advance. Any questions just call me.

Abergavenny:- Daytime. This class will introduce Tai Chi to the beginner by exploring gentle exercises and some Tai Chi Form. Come and see for yourself and decide if you wish to go further. A great starter course for all ages.
Corn Exchange, Market Hall / Theatre.
Wednesdays Commencing 12th of September 07.
9.30 to 10.20 am. Cost: £50 for ten weeks.

Monmouth:- Daytime and Evening. These classes offer the opportunity to learn Tai Chi Short Form, Yang family style as well as some Chi Kung exercises. The process enables us to integrate useful benefits into our everyday situations for increased well being. The course is geared towards beginners although is useful for those of you who have attended earlier courses with me. Enrolment is at the end of the first class but please reserve a place in advance. Refer to the Reservation Form or call me if you have questions. The courses will run for 40 weeks, following the academic year, booking in blocks of ten weeks.
Rockfield Estate Community Centre, Monmouth
Tuesdays Commencing 11th of September 07.
1.30 to 3.00pm alternatively 6.30 to 7.50pm
Cost: £75 for ten weeks
RDTC school annual membership £12 (£8 reduced rate)

This class is for those of you who have completed Short Form. Focussing on exploration of the principles whilst integrating understanding of the Short Form., our work together will develop using some Duo practice and possibly exploring the left side of the Form to reveal another dimension. An ongoing exploration inside Short Form structure. Really hope those who completed Short Form in earlier years will be able to join us for this daytime course.
Abergavenny, Corn Exchange /Theatre
Wednesdays from 12th September 07. 10.30 to 12noon
Cost: £75 for ten weeks (plus RDTC annual membership)

This weekly class is a continuation of the work of the Advanced Short Form course of 2006/7. We shall move on to explore the Left side which opens up a new dimension to learning. There will also be some Duo practice incorporated in the class. I don't often offer a mirror class so do hope you will come along. You will find the exploration opens a new perspective and the course will be moulded around the group who emerge.
Monmouth, Rockfield Estate Community Centre. 6.30 to 8pm
Wednesdays Commencing 12th September 07.
Cost: £75 for ten weeks (plus annual RDTC membership)

This is an ongoing course deepening our engagement with this extraordinary practice. I strongly suggest that all of you who have completed Long Form at an earlier time, decide to attend this class as well. This continues on a fortnightly basis.
Monmouth, Rockfield Estate Community Centre. 8.00 to 9.30pm
Alternate Tuesdays from 11th September 07.
Cost: £75 for ten weeks (plus RDTC annual membership)

This ongoing course continues Tuesdays at 8pm. alternating with Long Form. I strongly suggest you attend both. Neglecting Solo Form practice actually prevents full understanding of Sword and is detrimental to progress.
Payment can be for a 10 week period covering both.
Monmouth, Rockfield Estate Community Centre 8 to 9.30 pm.
AlternateTuesdays Commencing 18th September 07.
Cost: £75 for ten weeks (plus RDTC annual membership)

This course will not be offered for the autumn term and so Duo practice will be introduced in most classes.

Workshops, Individual Tuition

Over the last 20 years, the art of Tai Chi Chuan has enabled Annie to discover how the benefits of Tai Chi principles can be made accessible to all. By releasing habitual tensions through gentle exercises encouraging awareness, we connect with our own inner sense of wellbeing and vitality. Developing a sense of stillness within movement increases concentration and efficiency in a relaxed and profound way. The simple exercises and gentle stretching movements serve to focus the attention from the outer to the inner aspect of our being.

Within the workplace the benefits are extremely useful for both the individuals concerned and for organisations as a whole. An overall better working environment can be developed. Workplaces can benefit from staff functioning more efficiently, healthily and being more relaxed. Organisations become better places to be when Tai Chi principles are employed. Weekly sessions are useful in some cases while others prefer day or half day workshops.

Courses can be tailored to suit organisations, small groups or individuals.

In addition to her weekly courses for the general public, Annie has experience of working with groups ranging from elderly people to school teachers, management consultants and mental health groups.

Individual Tuition can be arranged to suit. Some people learn the School syllabus this way, because their lifestyle means weekly group classes aren't possible for them. Others attend regular classes and have the odd "top up" individual session.