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Summer 2001

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Comings & Goings

As always with these things there seems to be a natural ebb and flow. Within the Teaching Circles of RDTC we have modernised the structure with a view to binding us closer together. This has given some teachers the opportunity to rethink their commitments. It is with great thanks that we say goodbye to some of our longest serving Teaching Circle members Jay Jones, Gareth Thomas, Margaret Moreton, Mike McCann, Beverley Ferguson and Mick Tomlinson. Whilst they remain connected to the School as School members they are no longer teaching with the School. We also say goodbye to Helen Mason who found that teaching Tai Chi was not for her although she did pass on the Short Form to what are now a class of enthusiastic Tai Chi Players. Thank you and

well done.

At the same time there are a number of Apprentice RDTC Teachers who are coming up for their graduation in November, Brian Williams, Bert van Oldeniel and Mike Sheady. We also have a new Apprentice RDTC Teacher, Andrea Hughes. She is starting new classes in Cheltenham - welcome.

Good luck to you all.

The RDTC Forum

Thanks to Rob Marr of RDTC Cardiff & his company T2, the web page now has a “Forum” page. The idea of this is to offer students of RDTC a place on the web to ask questions of the teachers, share insights with fellow students and generally open up the communication between the RDTC Centres. I have included a more detailed flyer with this newsletter but I wanted to draw your attention to this potentially valuable resource. If you don’t use it we will loose it. The pass word for the Forum is: RDTC 2002

Centre Weekends at Poulstone

As you know for the past few years we have been running centre weekends at Poulstone. Whilst they have been a success for those that came, attendance has been low. The RDTC Core Group has therefore decided to abandon individual centre courses and reinstate weekend courses for the whole School. There will one in Spring and one in the Autumn. The plan is to offer one weekend for those who are at the beginning of their journey, say a Short Form course and another for more advanced Forms, the Long Form, Push Hands, Sword Form, Mirror Form for example.

Of course one class a week whilst being the minimum needed to maintain sufficient input for progress in your Tai Chi, does need support from additional sources. This comes from the extra classes your teacher offers and also in depth day, weekend and longer courses that the national School of Rising Dragon offers. We hope this new spread of courses will offer a full range of study for students of RDTC who wish to expand their learning of Tai Chi.

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