Rising Dragon Tai Chi Push Hands
Practice & Principles

by Richard Farmer

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Contents - to give a flavour of the book here are some excerpts from it.

The Four Energies
The entire practice of Push Hands is summed up in the Four Energies and the Four Stages of Practice. The Four Energies are what you use when you have been able to balance the oncoming force and have created a space for action. What enables you to create that space is the perfection of the Four Stages of Practice.
PENG - Ward Off
AN - Push or Up-Root
LU - Roll Back
CHI - Press

The Forms of Push Hands
Hard versus Soft
The Forms & How we use them

Why is something so simple, so difficult!
The Problem
The Cause

Rooting and The Four Stages Of Practice
The Four Stages of Practice
The Practice of Rooting
The Practice of Sticking
The Practice of Yielding
The Practice of Natural Action
The Sphere
Putting it all together

How To Approach the Practice of Push Hands
Push Hands is "won" or "lost" the first moment you look mentally or physically at your partner. If it's .... OH NO....... or, he/she is going to be difficult, is it surprising then that they are?

It is with this view that we can understand the story which tells of the two old masters in Taiwan who lifted themselves off their seats to begin Push Hands and they both sat down again with a smile. They both knew that it was about the moment they "met", and one lost the balance.

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