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There are many wonderful stories about Tai Chi that we could tell - and we will.

If you have some stories to tell about your Tai Chi experience, please send them to the RDTC office for inclusion in this page. All contributions are welcome no matter how small each step or insight that we have is important at least to us so why not share it with other Tai Chi students.

email: rdtc@risingdragon.co.uk

Here's the current list of articles:

When practice begins, what is important?
Richard Farmer
Alec, the Tao and the Bamboo
Alec Jones
Just Do It!
Richard Farmer
Be Still & Know
Richard Farmer
One Step at a Time
Richard Farmer
Walking in the Rain
Rob Moss
Embrace Tiger Return to Mountain
Richard Farmer
Invest in Loss - Feed the Spirit
Richard Farmer
Journey of Acceptance
Gail Minter
Return to Centre
Richard Farmer
The Healing Spark
Tass Bell
Tai Chi Skiing
Rhona Campbell
Tai Chi Fox
Alan Cormack
The Path of Practice
Richard Farmer
Relaxation - Tai Chi's secret weapon
Richard Farmer
Dr Chi Chiang Tao
Richard Farmer
Meditation; An Art of Living
Richard Farmer
The Wave Wizard
David Williamson
The Empty Boat
Richard Farmer

Come by again soon.


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