RDTC Video

Tai Chi - Stillness in Movement

The RDTC Short Form

with Richard Farmer

Price: £14.00 (mbs), £16 (non-mbs) - plus £2.50 p&p

30 minutes - UK standard VHS format, PAL

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A unique Tai Chi video

This RDTC video is unique and an invaluable source of inspiration and information for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is useful for those who have practised before, whatever the style, because the information given is universal information - essential information, beyond style and form.

It is also a valuable tool for those who would like to learn the Tai Chi form because, unlike all other Tai Chi videos, the Follow Form is filmed from behind. This allows you to follow as though you are in a class. When combined with the Edit Form, which allows you to see the sequence from all the relevant angles, this gives you all the information you need to see.

In addition, the advice given in conjunction with the Edit Form allows you to bring to life the physical principles that make the sequence Tai Chi. Tai Chi Chuan is not the sequence, it is how the sequence is done - you are given this information.

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