RDTC Glasgow


0141 422 1574

helenebohler_field @yahoo.co.uk

Solo Forms taught
Short Form, Mirror Form. 5 Elements

Duo Forms taught
Single Push Hands,

Qi Gong taught
Taoist health exercises, Shibashi, Eight Treasures.

Current classes include
Short Form beginners,
Short Form advanced.

New classes begin
January 06 Intro class to Tai Chi September 06 - New beginners Short Form class.





What inspired me to learn Tai Chi

"I started Tai Chi through connections with various friends who were going to classes, knowing very little of what would reveal itself in the course of time."

 What gives life to the Tai Chi I teach

"It inspires me that the way students are able toconnect the practice to their lives is because it istheir own felt experiences that show them Tai Chi - that their understanding arises from within."

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