Helene Bohler
RDTC Glasgow

What inspired me to learn Tai Chi?
What gives life to the Tai Chi I teach?

What inspired me to learn Tai Chi

I started Tai Chi through connections with various

friends who were going to classes, knowing very little

of what would reveal itself in the course of time.

Beginning classes happened in a time when I was

taking my first steps towards a greater openness and

exploration of the spiritual side of life, and I was

looking for a path and a practice that could support

my development.

Tai Chi was a practice I soon felt at home with and

that gave me a 'language' that helped me to become

more aware of the dynamics in my life, and ways to

return to centre. How the physical body could tell me

so much about 'the rest' of me and through this

awareness I could learn to close the gap and

become more whole and embodied. Tai Chi helped

me to live more naturally and in harmony with who I

really am- to be more and do less.

What gives life to the Tai Chi I teach?

I feel that there are many 'ways in' to understanding

Tai Chi; physically,energetically, mentally or

emotionally. This accessibility of the path is

something that inspires me in my teaching.

I really enjoy being able to explore the practice and

the principles with my students; to facilitate an

environment and an experience where they have an

opportunity to soften and relax and to learn to listen

to the wisdom of their own bodies.

It inspires me that the way students are able to

connect the practice to their lives is because it is

their own felt experiences that show them Tai Chi-

that their understanding arises from within. When we

are able to soften and listen truth becomes available

to us.

The play of this relationship and my awareness of it,

as an individual, and in relation to the world around

me, gives life to my teaching.

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