Rising Dragon Tai Chi Breathing Peace
- guided meditations with Richard Farmer

Price: £6.00 (mbs), £7.00 (non-mbs) - plus £1.50 p & p

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Simple guided meditations
On the first side Richard guides us through a simple meditation which invites an open heart. On the second side the second meditation builds on the first to guide us deeper into the stillness of our being.

The cassette comes with a pamphlet to help you learn more from this tape.

Richard is founder and principal instructor of Rising Dragon Tai Chi School. He has taught meditation for the past 15yrs and his gift is bringing the wisdom of the East and making it applicable in the West.

He says 'To be present we must want to be here and the key to being present is the heart.'

Meditation is a formal time to replace the attention on the thinking mind with attention on the feeling mind. Over a period of time this brings into balance the two halves of the mind, the Yang/thinking mind with the Yin/receptive mind. Instead of leading our lives from our heads we relearn to listen and follow what is actually happening. Often the question asked is "What should I do?" but really the question is, "What is happening?" To know what is happening we need to listen, when we understand a situation we know what to do, then we do it.

The most important thing about meditation then is that it's not something you do to yourself, it is something you allow. It is a time to shift attention from the everyday thinking mind to the mind of awareness which lies beneath it. As such it is a relaxation, a dropping, a release which allows the object of concentration, thebreath for instance, to come into the foreground. We use the breath because it is a natural part of us, it's not something outside us, we don't have to visualise it, it just is there.

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