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Rising Dragon Tai Chi
Richard has two areas of work - RDTC & Soul Moves. Below you will find information and links that will give you an idea of what is on offer for you.
After 27 years of studying and creating the lineage of Rising Dragon Tai Chi, Richard has developed his teaching in the following ways:

He regularly visits the RDTC centres and gives day courses for those who want to be inspired to practise deeper.

He also gives courses for members of the RDTC School at Poulstone Court which can range from day courses, residential weekend courses and longer trainings. He specialises in guiding people to live the essential principles of Tai Chi in their daily lives. Simply said, this can be to learn to rest in the eye of the hurricane. Why not check out some of the articles he has written?

The longer courses include the Deepening programme which is a two year course designed to switch Tai Chi students from following a practice to becoming it, by encouraging them to put the personal back into the Form. You will not stay where you are not welcome, so to truly rest and concentrate in the moment, there needs to be a welcome for yourself in your practice, not a judgemental approach to it.

The graduates of this can attend a further one year course called "Deeper". This is to encourage the use of awareness and intention rather than control and thought in daily life, that is to switch from being ruled by our fears to following the truths and richness that lie beneath these negative mind states. Ushiba, the founder of Aikido said, "He who has the thought of enemy is already defeated". In a more formal Taoist way, this is the ability to rest in non-action both in personal affairs as well as the more advanced stages of Tai Chi Chuan - to taste that natural place of presence and knowing that allows action to arise by itself.

Having developed a way of distilling the essence of Tai Chi Chuan so that students of this art can learn to translate it into their daily lives, Richard felt the wish to offer this gift to those who do not practise the art of Tai Chi Chuan. Why wait to be good enough at the formal structures of Tai Chi before benefiting from the more meditative aspects of Tai Chi?

He calls this work " Soul Moves". Please clich here to go directly to the Soul Moves website. Any move that allows us to live closer to our true nature, our soul's nature, is a soul movement. It is about seeing we are already that which we seek, rather than looking outside for others confirmation or being caught in external methods. It is about living this in our daily lives.

Richard regularly travels abroad giving seminars with different themes. He also offers the work in the UK to those who are interested, in a variety of different fields:

Firstly he will come and offer introductory days or weekends to those who invite him entitled, Soul Moves".

Secondly he gives "Soul Moves" residential weekend retreats at Poulstone Court for those who are ready to live their life rather than just survive it.

Finally he offers longer courses from one to two years called Deepening Soul Moves for those who want support in living their truth. This course is made up of those who have already encountered Richard's work, those who realise that they want to put themselves back into their life perhaps after a serious illness, or who, having lost their thread, want help in finding again, those who are ready to stop practising their art, whatever it may be and start being what they know.

It is not necessary to have any previous knowledge of Tai Chi. Participants have come from many different paths and found that Living Transformation works. Richard does not offer anything he has not already put into practice in his own life.

If this speaks to you, come. Please feel free to get in touch with Richard for more information - he is always happy to talk to you.

Call him on: 01989 740 590 or email


tai chi space

tai chi space



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