Rising Dragon Tai Chi The RDTC School's
Short Form
by Richard Farmer

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Chapter 1: History of Tai Chi Chuan
The Origins - Chang San Feng
Bodhidharma - Yang Lu Chan - Yang Chen Fu - Cheng Man Ching
Dr Chi Chiang Tao - John Kells
Richard Farmer

Chapter 2: Fundamental Themes of The RDTC School
What's in a name
Emptiness & Fullness of Form
The Cup of Tea Story
Are You Ready?

Chapter 3: The Living Principles
Rooting - The Body
Sticking - The Mind
Yielding - The Heart
Be Yourself
The Form

Chapter 4: The Form Principles
The Tao of the Body
The Tao of the Mind
The Tao of Spirit

Chapter 5: Life, The Universe & Everything
Natural Step
Body as One Unit
Soft Limit
Open Concentration - An attitude of mind
A Single Weighted Mind
Posture - Between Heaven & Earth

Chapter 6: The Art of Practice
When should I practise?
What should I practise?
How should I practise?
Be Kind to Yourself

Book List
Ten Important Points by Cheng Fu
The Short Form Sequence

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