Alan Smith
RDTC Worcester

What inspired me to learn Tai Chi?
What gives life to the Tai Chi I teach?

What inspired me to learn Tai Chi
My interest in Tai Chi chiefly came out of my interest in Buddhism and meditation. In my teenage years I started reading books on Buddhism and was drawn to other aspects of Eastern culture, including the martial arts.

My first brief taste of Tai Chi occurred in the mid-70's, then soon afterwards, I learnt TM meditation. In 1977 I joined a local Buddhist group and started to go on courses and retreats at the Lam Rim Buddhist Centre in Wales.

It was here that I made contact again with Tai Chi, Richard Farmer and the Rising Dragon Tai Chi School, and, in the autumn of 1980 I started regular weekly classes with RDTC.

My journey on the path of Tai Chi & meditation is a continuing process of deepening, unfolding and 'coming home.'

What gives life to the Tai Chi I teach?
My connection with Tai Chi is stimulated by my involvement with sitting meditation.

I delight in Tai Chi as an art of meditation in movement which also requires me to physically embody its principles.

I love encouraging students to discover that place in themselves where they are most 'relaxed and alive', 'rooted and present'.

The greatest assets on my Tai Chi journey are having been blessed with good teachers and a good sense of humour.

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