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A Body Moves

By Ian Stevens

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A body flows,

Responding to self.

Thoughts flow, a body yields.

Melting, the icy hardness attempts to thaw,

Feeling, absorbing, responding, I am aware of my body.

My breath holds, to security, to fear, to a past that is no longer here.

Now, in the moment of letting go between control and surrender I am aware.

Aware of my body, my resistance to feelings, held in by a binding, a constriction.

The tight binding suit begins to ease, revealing a restless impulse, anger, frustration, and sadness.

Amidst the negative self, obsessed with doubt, with critical denial there are impulses and stirrings. Movements from the depths of denial reach towards the surface, expanding, opening, an unfolding.

This awareness, this stirring of the body unconscious melts… merges with breath, with fear with joy.

Words flow

My hands respond

Softening, my fingers feel

For words to mirror my body.

My body moves, stretches, opens,

My words, my inner feelings stirring,

An expansive searching for 'self' , for acceptance.

Slowly, my body eases, words emerge, doubt subsides.

Melting, yielding, softening, my body opens, I feel, I am here.

Acceptance of the now, the present, the reality of the moment

My breath eases, I allow myself to breathe, to expand, to feel my body.

Easing slowly, my body changes, I accept my thoughts my body and myself

Words flow …feelings emerge, a body moves change will come…

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