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WBenefits from Tai Chi in Dunblane

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What Tai Chi has done for me? I've learned the benefit of gentle exercise. Before the classes I thought that unless I spent 30 minutes exercising flat out to get my heart pumping then there was no benefit for me. After Tai Chi I feel energised and relaxed; my muscles have had a work out. Tai Chi has also helped me adjust my posture, helping to get rid of lower back pain.


Although I don't practice nearly as much as I should, I thoroughly enjoy the discipline of remembering the sequences of the form and attempting to introduce some fluidity to the movements. Working in a group is much more rewarding than working alone as the whole group support each other under Rhona and Duncan's direction.

I follow the Shibashi exercises regularly and find them beneficial in keeping my arthritic joints mobile ('supple' would be an exaggeration!) and the combination of controlled steady breathing and movement produces a strange combination of relaxation and exercise.

David Totten