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The New Structure of RDTC.

Over the 27 years I have been teaching Tai Chi I have tried to bring Tai Chi into the dynamic structure of the School, its administration and inevitable bureaucracy. It has always been an experiment and continues to be so.

Recently we have undergone a radical simplification, both in numbers of RDTC Teachers and how we organise ourselves. What has been clear from the past is the more rules there are, the less people feel into their own responsibilities. Rules were there to make things clear but energetically they had the opposite effect!

So in this new experiment we, the RDTC Teachers, have replaced rules with trust. This means rather than just following what the teaching manual says, to listen to that “Rising Dragon” part within and ask what would honour that. To use the manual as a guide rather than a bible and when we meet as teachers if something needs changing we can share what has been discovered and add to the manual.

Personally I have always tried to walk the edge between protecting that which is Rising Dragon and honouring the creativity of individual teachers. It is a learning process. This School is an experiment in living Tai Chi on all levels and it feels good to know that it moves and responds to what is true when it is felt. How else could it be?

Currently the Schools official membership stands at 746 although I am sure there are many more unofficial members who are no longer part of the School, but who still practise our Tai Chi.

RDTC goes digital - New DVDs, and CDs

Those of you who have been around for a while will know that I have been making videos to help support your practice. Having done that there were calls for DVDs and so I have decided to digitalise our products.

The DVD format allows for a better quality image and easier access to the part of the Form or exercise that you want to see, via chapters.

In addition there are now some CDs of meditations that I use on courses and these will be added to in time.

I also have plans for more exercise videos and DVDs so that you truly will be supported in your practice.

RDTC Associate Membership

For those who have this membership option with the School, up to now, they have been getting all the School information, including this newsletter through the post.

Where possible we would now like to distribute newsletters and flyers etc to these members electronically. To do this we will need members’ email addresses and in which format they are able to receive electronic publications.

For those not yet connected to email, the web etc we will of course use the post.

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