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In the Eye of the Hurricane

3rd to 6th May 2002

People often ask me if I give Tai Chi weekends open to anyone which introduce the essence of Tai Chi. Rarely is the answer - and this is it!

A residential weekend open to all, no experience of Tai Chi required.

Richard has devoted his life to living the essence of Tai Chi and to sharing this with others that they too might live it. Poulstone invites you to share some time with this truly gifted teacher.

Methods taught: Tai Chi Shibashi (short version) - meditation - healing touch.

We all lead increasingly complex lives, so to have something to help us simplify this complexity is invaluable. Tai Chi is stillness in action. Living this in everyday life is the ability to rest whilst doing what you need to do - The Eye of the Hurricane.

Spring is a time of renewal and this Bank Holiday weekend offers the opportunity to receive nourishment - the outer nourishment from Poulstone Court - gorgeous food, great walks, peace and quiet and the inner nourishment from the Tai Chi - gentle healing exercises and essential focussing.

Using simple methods which exclude none we will go right to the heart of it. These methods will serve as tools to help you re-find the stillness when you leave here.

I offer this weekend to share the real value of what I have learnt over the past 25 years Anyone can come, it just might change your life.

Cost: £165 - reductions available on request.Times: 6.30 Friday to 3.00 Monday. Venue: Poulstone Court

To book send £30 deposit, payable to RDTC to: Poulstone Court, Kings Caple, Herefordshire HR1 4UA - for more information phone:01432 840 251 or email

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