Susanne Lin Jensen
RDTC Glasgow

What inspired me to learn Tai Chi?
What gives life to the Tai Chi I teach?

What inspired me to learn Tai Chi
The thing that got me about Tai Chi is its non-competitive nature. I have always been put off by sports, where the aim is to win. In the Tai Chi class I could relax and feel good about what I was doing. I was fascinated by Tai Chi as a system of moving. I wanted to know what was behind the mystical names of the postures. Here was something that really interested me, and I wanted to be good at it.

What gives life to the Tai Chi I teach?
This system of moving became for me a path to change. I have played the Tai Chi Form every day since 1989, and I have drawn much knowledge and inspiration from it. I like to share this journey with other people, for playing Tai Chi with others is a completely different experience from being on your own. Teaching classes became interesting for me, because I saw other teachers from this school - I saw their integrity and the respect they have for Tai Chi Chuan.

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